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Migrating to v2

How to migrate to v2 (currently incomplete)

    Breaking Changes


    • Import paths have been changed from* to* (for example, changed to All repositories with a changed import URL that were on version 1 are now on version 2 and have a major version URL suffix (for example,
    • KiT_* global variables have been renamed to Type* (for example, KiT_Button changed to TypeButton); fixing this should be a simple find and replace for KiT_ => Type
    • AddNew* functions and methods have been renamed to New* (for example, AddNewButton changed to NewButton); fixing this should be a simple find a replace for AddNew => New


    • Package ki has been moved into the root directory of ki, so it is now imported as just
    • Support for automatic Ki field children has been removed, so you now have to manage that yourself (see


    • Defaults() method removed on several widgets (slider, spinbox, scrollbar, etc); it is no longer needed and all calls of it can be deleted.
    • MenuButton widget removed; use Button instead, as you can put a menu on any button. If you want the arrow indicator again, put button.Indicator = icons.KeyboardArrowDown
    • Action and ButtonBase removed; use Button instead.
    • Inactive renamed to Disabled and Active to Enabled. Many node flag functions (eg, SetInactive, IsActive, etc) as well as the actual enum constants must be renamed.
    • ClearAct field on TextField converted to LeadingIcon and TrailingIcon; use AddClearAction() to easily replicate the same functionality.
    • gi.IconName removed and replaced with icons.Icon; many functions and fields have changed types that must be updated; also, previous icon names may be broken or have changed to new icons, and it is strongly recommended that you use the new icon constants instead of untyped string literals.
    • Prop-based styling and configuration removed; set the Style field using AddStyleFunc for styling and directly set the configuration struct fields in your code for configuration.
    • Prefs colors removed; use gi.ColorScheme instead.


    • Color transformation functions like Highlight now take non-pointer receivers to support function chaining.


    • units.New* functions have been renamed to units.* (for example, units.NewPx changed to units.Px); fixing this should be a simple find and replace for units.New (although if you use units.NewValue, which is unchanged, you will have to avoid changing that).
    • Renamed (units.Context).ToDotsFactor to (units.Context).Dots
    • Removed units.Pct and related things (replaced with units.Ew, units.Eh, units.Pw, units.Ph, and related things)
    • Renamed units.Context fields ElW, ElH, VpW, and VpH to Ew, Eh, Vw, and Vh respectively.
    • Setter functions for units.Context now also take parent size.
    • units.Value contains a DotsFunc function (you should use keyed struct literals).