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GoPix is a keyboard-navigable Go picture management app.

    Go picture management app, because Mac Photos bricked my entire photo library upon updating to Catalina…

    Go Report Card GoDoc


    See install dir for Makefiles that install official app per different OS standards.


    • simple, entirely file-based design – no databases. just write to exif meta data on images themselves. so everything is future-proof and no lockin. (does have a .json file cache, but it can be fully regenerated from exif..)

    • sync with e.g., google drive using the drive sync thing.

    • use gimp for photo retouching, or preview

    File Structure

    • Main dir: ~/Pix
    • All images live in one common directory: ~/Pix/All
    • Folders for specific albums have symbolic links to original pics in ../All/img.jpg
    • DND / Copy/Paste operations create these symlinks, except if going into the trash – or all


    • rotate left not working! maybe just on helif?

    • add refresh from exif button

    • select-all