The Most Powerful Go GUI Framework

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A free and open source framework for building useful, fast, and beautiful 2D and 3D GUIs that run on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android with a single pure Go codebase.

NOTE: Goki is currently undergoing a period of significant developement to make it easier to make useful, fast, and beautiful apps and support running apps on mobile. As such, some of the information on this website and in the Goki GitHub repositories may be incorrect. Furthermore, there may be breaking changes soon, so starting new apps with this framework is not recommended at this time; if you do, please be ready to adjust to any breaking changes. If you want to accelerate the improvement of Goki, please contribute by following the Contribution Guidelines. Developement of Gi is currently happening on the mobile branch.


A large library of widgets, 3D support, a robust event system, and infinite customizability make it possible to create many useful things, from fully-featured IDEs to SVG drawing programs.

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Goki is built on the cutting-edge Vulkan graphics framework, making it possible to create lightning-fast 3D games and editors.

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Good default styles and easy, extensive customizability with a direct styling syntax and CSS support make it easy to create apps that look how you want them to.

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Applications Built With Goki


An IDE and IDE framework built using Gi, with standard editor features like syntax highlighting, completion, and version control built-in.

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A Go SVG vector drawing program, built using Gi and based on Inkscape.

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A keyboard-navigable Go picture management app, built with Gi.

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See more examples here